Engineering Services

Surviving in a competitive world of ruling technologies and adopting the latest trends has become a go to, for building a successful brand and business. Newer the technology better is the response from customers. Cosmonet with its group of talented people assists their clients in devising projects from the scratch and look to it until the end. The services delivered are as follows.

Application Development

  • Application Architecting and Development
  • Re-Architecting & Re-Engineering
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Porting & Migration Services
  • Legacy Transformation

Product Engineering

  • Ideation / Define Product Roadmap
  • New Product Development
  • Product Implementation
  • Product Support Services
  • Product Certification


  • Native & Hybrid App Development
  • Mobile Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Secured Integration with 3rd Party Tools
  • Mobile Rich UX
  • Mobile Testing


  • Enterprise Testing & QA
  • Test Automation & Optimization
  • Specialized Testing
  • Performance Testing & Re-Engineering
  • Application Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing