Behind the scenes of a successful Hospital and Lab Management System

As the growing technology in hospital and lab management system are enhancing the capabilities of providers, day-to-day operational challenges are addressed by default. The addition of artificial intelligence that has zero human involvement skillfully negates the chances of a faulty outcome.
It is a known fact that the evolving trends in technologies have traversed the hospitals and labs to an era, where the art of automating the workflow from registrations, sample collections to generation of reports is merely a simple task. Advanced technologies in the current generation not only aid in usual lab testing but also are patient-centric for better outcomes.
However, to design such a solution is beyond the scope of a technical team. This is where we depend on clinicians and subject experts: to assist in plotting out a smooth and efficient workflow catering to needs of varied specialties within the business. The initiatives taken by the clinicians to specify their needs and more or less customize the patient workflow encourages the entire team to take ownership of their performance, that leads them towards zero defects goal which is a one-way ticket to reach perfection.
While for patients, the bulk of data in their Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) play a key role to make critical medical decisions, the real-time collaboration of physicians with clinical laboratories is imperative for making a rather quicker decision.

Implementation too plays a key role in the whole scenario

Thanks to the boon of cloud technology, this worry is now a matter of the past. IT innovations have given many services like SAAS to healthcare institutions, Biobanks and others. This not only aids in quicker implementations but also streamlines application responsiveness, customizations and support. Hence the thirst to go global. All these aspects aside, there is one element, however, that plagues the spread of hospital and lab management system in the Indian market: Technology is undervalued. But what do you expect? A goldsmith is not smitten by heaps of gold the way the rest of us are! In a country where every other word spoken is related to IT and support, the value of such solutions is bound to take a hit. People are not willing to pay for a software as long as they get free versions from 20 smaller vendors who offer support the way the queen's guard offers you a smile: they never do! Another challenge is that the LIS and HIS are highly configurable data storage and management systems. Every other lab or hospital would have its own business processes which demand a certain level of customization for every customer. This makes them wary of change. The best way to overcome such drawbacks is to bring standardized products which are more open to upgrades with a little wiggle room for mandatory customizations. This will not only eliminate the old methods and technology strategies but will also challenge the vendors to change their traditional way of developing applications.
All the above aspects considered, we undertook the development of ePrognosis that not only is efficient in fulfilling all the hospital and lab management system requirements but also offers standardized workflows. Our solutions strive to make hospitals look very different where the key to change is the move towards positioning the patient at the helm of affairs and digitize the delivery of care. We embrace the innovations, powering the digital hospital and are committed to the enablement of “pathways to value”.